Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bullish on the US Dollar - Exchange Rate vs Euro, Yen, British Pound

The dollar enjoyed its best one day performance in six years (on August 8, 2008). Fears that Europe's economic woes are just beginning and that Japan may be entering another recession prompted some analysts to say, "The dollar bear market is over. A multiyear bull market for the dollar has just begun." - Marc Chandler, currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman, New York.

Since July 1, 2008, the dollar is up 3.5% against the pound, 3.6% against the yen, and 6.0% against the euro.

US Dollar to Euro Exchange Rate 2005 - 08/08/08Source:

U.S. Dollar to Yen Exchange Rate 2005 - 08/08/08

US Dollar to British Pound Exchange Rate 2005 - 08/08/08Source:

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