Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TiVo Market Share

TiVo is one of my favorite pieces of home electronics gear. If not for it, I would probably not be watching television any more. Despite having invented the category about a decade ago, Tivo has only a 6.54% market share, 1.7 million units out of a total of 26 million. The rest belongs to cable company DVRs whose equipment is provided for free and whose monthly charge is lower than TiVo's. Here is another example of good enough is. Although TiVo is much more sophisticated, has many more recording options, allows downloads from Amazon Unbox, and has a much better user interface, the Cable Co's DVRs have won the field with their "good-enough" feature set and low cost.

TiVo has a 6.54% Market Share for DVRs, 1.7 million units out of a total of 26 million
Source: Magna Global/Interpublic Group

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