Thursday, October 2, 2008

U.S. Auto Sales and Automobile Manufacturer Market Share

U.S. auto sales reached a 15-year low with a double digit decline in September as sales of cars and light trucks fell 27% to 964,873 units in September (2008), down from 1.31 million a year earlier, according to Autodata Corp. Tightening credit, a financial system in shambles, and consumer fear all contributed to a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 12.5 million units, down from 16.19 million units in September 2007.

US Auto Sales and Market Share

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eugene said...


very good direct form...I like it, and so will everyone else.. Like most Americans we listen to and believe the crap we are fed...Strange that G.M. was increasing Market share, but not re-investing in green technologies... Where is our Leadership on this when all the employment is moving (or has moved) overseas?? Please keep up the good work, and get the word out !!