Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Fed's Forecast on Unemployment, Inflation, and GDP

Fed data released Tuesday (2/24/09):

Delinquency rates on home mortgages in 4th quarter 2008: Almost 7% of outstanding mortgages

Unemployment rate in 4th quarter 2008: 7.6%, expected to rise to 8.8% this year

The Consumer Board's Consumer Confidence Index: 25, lowest level since data were first collected in 1967

February 2009 views on the job market:
"Jobs are hard to get": 48% of people surveyed, highest since Feruary 1992
"Expect jobs to decrease in the months ahead": 47%, highest percentage since December 1973

The Fed's Economic Forecast for the Next Few Years:
Unemployment, Inflation, GDP

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